1 row where request = "GET /tags HTTP/1.1" and status_code = 301 sorted by request_time descending

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  • GET /tags HTTP/1.1 · 1
Link rowid line measure#nginx.service request status_code request_id remote_addr forwarded_for forwarded_proto via body_bytes_sent referer user_agent request_time ▲ upstream_response_time upstream_connect_time upstream_header_time
300 2021-08-05T19:15:51.544439+00:00 app[web.1]: measure#nginx.service=0.045 request="GET /tags HTTP/1.1" status_code=301 request_id=0348dd88-7441-42a4-b7cc-7bb70afc0cfe remote_addr="" forwarded_for="," forwarded_proto="http" via="1.1 vegur" body_bytes_sent=0 referer="-" user_agent="newspaper/0.2.8" request_time="0.045" upstream_response_time="0.044" upstream_connect_time="0.000" upstream_header_time="0.044"; 0.045 GET /tags HTTP/1.1 301 0348dd88-7441-42a4-b7cc-7bb70afc0cfe, http 1.1 vegur 0 - newspaper/0.2.8 0.045 0.044 0.0 0.044

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   [remote_addr] TEXT,
   [forwarded_for] TEXT,
   [forwarded_proto] TEXT,
   [via] TEXT,
   [body_bytes_sent] INTEGER,
   [referer] TEXT,
   [user_agent] TEXT,
   [request_time] FLOAT,
   [upstream_response_time] FLOAT,
   [upstream_connect_time] FLOAT,
   [upstream_header_time] FLOAT